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You’re on a mission: either you want to overcome a challenge that is getting in the way of growing/sustaining your business, or you want to seek innovative new opportunities for the same reason. But… the dynamics of being a family held firm bring a layer of complexity to the game that most consultant firms just don’t understand or aren’t really qualified work with. We do understand, and we are qualified.

If you choose to work with us, Adirondack Family Business Consultants will be your panel of advisors. Coaches with a broad base of experience in servicing the unique needs of a family business. Our partners work for you as a seamless team with advanced experience in

  • Finance
  • Law
  • Human Resources
  • Family Therapy
  • Executive Development
  • Tax and Estate Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building
  • New Product Development
  • Innovation

We’ve grown family businesses. We’ve worked with our parents, kids and in-laws. We’ve worked in large non-family owned fortune 500 firms, in every sector of the economy. We’ve tasted failure, we’ve achieved success…and we’ve learned. From these experiences, we’ve developed successful coaching, consulting, and facilitation practices.

And each of us has a deep moral commitment to the success and health of families. Both emotional and financial success. We know that family held businesses can impede or enhance both. When healthy, well designed and wisely executed, family firms can succeed in bringing good things to the lives of their employees and customers at a level other businesses cannot even conceive.

Call us at 1-800-254-5567 for a no-charge, no-obligation conference where we can discuss your business and family planning needs. We will help you determine where you can profit from our assistance.

Please make sure and check out the websites CFO2grow.biz and Hoffmaneells.com as well.

So there it is. Our initial interaction with each other by way of a web page. Of course we’re going to say we can help. Of course we’re going to say we know what we’re doing. But you know what? When you talk to us, we’ll also tell you when we don’t know or can’t do. That’s a promise we’ll keep, and an ethic we live by. Test us. We’ve built our firm as a full service organization. When we see a need of a family business that we can’t meet, we go about finding someone who can. If they’re good, we make the referral. If they’re great, we make them a partner.

And by the way…there are no “junior partners” at AFBC. None. We are “been there, done that” types of folks who still enjoy learning, and find real joy in helping family businesses grow. That commitment to learning, and joy in our work, drives a level of quality that has made us and our key partner firm, New & Improved, widely successful and widely respected. But of course we’d say that!

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